Knife Sharpening

Our cutlery supply and sharpening programs allow for peak efficiency and no headaches in your Kosher kitchen. We service all types of Kosher establishments, from restaurants to large supermarkets.

Specialty Sharpening

Every commercial Kosher food business has unique sharpening needs. We specialize in sharpening specialty and processing blades. Our equipment is designed specifically for these types of applications.

Band Saw and Supplies

The Kosher Edge offers an array of band saw blades and other cutlery-specific supplies to allow your Kosher kitchen to continue running at full speed. Our experienced drivers are here to serve your needs.

KOSHER Is our specialty

The Kosher Edge is the leader in strictly Kosher knife sharpening and specialty sharpening services.  For three decades, we've serviced the Kosher food industry with first-class customer service, fair pricing and a focus on maintaining excellent Kosher standards.

All cutlery within the Kosher Edge facility is sharpened on Kosher only machines, with separate sharpening areas to meet each Kosher specific category (Meat, Pareve, Dairy). Our delivery drivers present a certified and sealed box upon delivery, and undergo training to understand the needs of your establishment. The Kosher Edge also provides separately designated cutlery during Passover for our customers.

We currently offer delivery service within the greater New York area and ship across the United States. Request a free delivery today and experience the Kosher Edge difference.


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Give us a call or feel free to place an order through our contact us page. You'll be glad you did!

The Kosher Edge operates under strict supervision of KJ Kashrus Division.

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